Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Little Christmas Surprise!!!

Shad and I had one little Christmas Surprise left for the kids.  The day after Christmas we woke them up at 4:30am told them to get in the car because we were going skiing.  
Man were they excited!

The ride there was long but we found ways to entertain Chinese finger traps.  

We arrived in the afternoon of the 26th...rented our ski's and checked into our Condo.  

We called it a pretty early night because we knew the kids would be up and READY to go first thing the next day.  Shad and Emma took a private lesson in the morning.  Alex took a group lesson and Henry went to ski school (that didn't last)

By lunch they were all ready to go skiing together.  

 Lolly and I hung out at the bottom of the mountain waiting for them to come down.  
 Henry was sad and BORED at ski school so I pulled him out and we went for a snack while daddy headed down the mountain to come and get him.  At first Henry said he was done for the day...but after some candy and a powerade...he was READY to go!!!

 Emma Grace and Belle decided they could do a better job of teaching him and boy did they.  He skiied right with them...watching their every move and coping them.  

Oh ya another snack time!
And Lolly and I were much happier at the Lift House!

 Uncle DeDe's feet were giving him fits...and the kids are such great skiiers that Shad could take them all up by himself.  

Most days went like this....we got up...cooked the kids dressed and to the slopes...then Laurie and I sat and watched for them to come down.  I know it sounds boring but we love it.  They would ski till lunch...then we would head over to Shot Gun Willies for Lunch...then more skiing...then dinner...and sleep.  They were tuckered out in the evenings.  

There was a little time to play!!!  We LOVE Magnatiles!!!

We did remember to take some pics at Texas Reds.  

One morning we woke up and the snow was falling...we decided to head over to Angel Fire just for a change of pace.  The snow was AMAZING!!!  I have never seen such perfectly formed flakes.  

 The kids and dads LOVED Angel Fire...the runs were different and they couldn't wait to night ski.  

 They had a little snack up-top while the moms were stuck at the bottom...The moms like the Lift House at Red River LOTS more.  We can watch is much harder to watch at Angel Fire.  
 Night skiing was a blast to watch...they LOVED it.  We literally had to DRAG them off the mountain!!!
 The Welch's headed home a day early and we spent the last day just us.  They skied of course...and we planned on coming home on the 30th....but we quickly changed our mind.  We tried so hard to find a place just for the 31st but we couldn't.  We just weren't ready for this trip to end.  

Just look at those faces....they had so much fun!!!  Goodbye was a GREAT year.  We can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us.  

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