Saturday, September 28, 2013

McKinney Tri...well Kinda

 We are headed to Karen and Bob's for another weekend visit because Shad has a race in McKinney.  
Shad spent Saturday at PlayTri.  We played at the house (Henry loved the tree in their front yard)  Then we headed to a dino exhibit.  

It was really cool.  There was even a butterfly exhibit and some other fun animals.  After our walk we were pretty hungry so we met Shad at Twisted Root for a GREAT burger.  It was pouring so a movie seemed like a good idea....WE LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!

The next morning Shad wasn't feeling good so he decided not to race.  We had a nice breakfast with Karen and Bob.  
Then we decided to try the Texas State Fair.  Shad is the only one of us who has ever been.  We had such a good time.  

We practiced archery, did puzzles, and played some great games.  

Love my 3 little monkeys.  

Big Tex was looking pretty good too, after his makeover!

Henry was the only one brave enough to try the rock wall.  He did so good!!!

Emma might have been a little tall for this truck.  He he he...

We didn't catch anything but we had a great day.  

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