Sunday, July 21, 2013

While the Daddies are away

While to Dads were gone we packed up the kids and headed to see Karen, Bob, Kyle,  and Stephanie in McKinney.  We had the best visit.  The kids love being there.  Karen cooks for us.  We watch movies and make crafts.  It is a great relaxing time.  

Belle and Emma took advantage of the pool.

On our last night there we got to meet Carter's girl friend and her family for dinner at Babe's.  It was a really long wait but Henry did his best to entertain us.  

Aren't these girls pretty!!! 

Stephanie got Henry to help her make some props for her Kindergarten classroom.  He loved making the sock puppets!
One afternoon we went to Cosmic Jump.  It was so much fun.  Not to mention a GREAT workout!!!!

Then Bob took Henry outside to play with his remote control boats.  That was Henry's Favorite.  He did this just before we left.  It was really REALLY hard to get him in the car.  Grace, Belle and Emma got to stay for a few more days.  

The girls got sewing lessons!!!  Boy did they love that.  

Check out all their creations (with the help of Karen)  

Karen and Stephanie totally spoiled the girls.  They took them to their favorite pizza place and let them do anything they wanted.  

The girls had the best time.  They didn't want to come home at all but it was time so we met up for lunch in Decator to get them.  We are so lucky to have such need family! 

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