Saturday, July 13, 2013

Test Drive

The weather is beautiful and we just can't sit inside and let it go to what do we do.  Lets head on down to the river!  Of course the boys need to "test drive" the T-Rex's and make sure all is working properly before the big man trip in a few weeks.  

Laurie and I found a great shady spot under the bridge and decided to hang there while the Daddies took the kids on some wild rides. We got to have a nice long visit and met some interesting fokes, too!.  When our clan came back the kids got to do some driving of their own.  

They do not get their fearlessness from ME!  I was a nervous wreck while they were driving.  

Emma LOVES driving!

So did Henry.  Thanks Brandon for taking the little Man!

Now this was SCARY!!!  They loved it!!!

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