Saturday, July 6, 2013

Redneck'n it up

So no one would every categorize me as "out doorsie"  I mean...I love the beach...I like soccer games...I can throw a mean garage sale...etc...but anything more than that...and I am usually out!!!
Shad took me out to the river once before when we had the Razor and it was fun but still really not my bag.  Now the kids...they LOVE it and I am happy for them to have another thing they all love to do with their daddy. 
Well now we have the Teryx (T-Rex to us) and it is almost time for the boys Colorado Man Trip.  David and Shad decided they needed to take their new T-Rex's out for a good hard long ride to make sure all was in order before they head to the mountains.  That meant family day trip to the river. 

I was in..but honestly would have rather been getting a mani/pedi. 

These two were MORE than excited!!!

And so were Grace and Belle!!!

Our trusty GoPro now goes with us everywhere!!!  Skiing, snorkeling, and ATVing!!!

I must admit....I LOVED IT!!!  We had the best time.  I think this is just about as dirty as I have every been in my entire life.  I mean dirt in my ears dirty!!! But man was it FUN!!!!  The kids screaming...giant hopgrassers jumping in the T-Rex (ok I HATED THAT)  wind rushing by...sand flying up behind was GREAT!!!!
We are having a ball!!!!  Emma was so proud of me!


  It was so pretty...the dirt and sand kinda take away from what it really looked like...but it was beautiful.  The perfect day. 

These 2 T-Rex turned quite a few redneck heads. 

We may not be fans of the humming bird sized hopgrassers but we loved this little praying mantis. 

After watching a few 4 wheelers and a Razor cross the river Shad and David decided we could too...Grace and Henry were READY!!! 
It was fun but that water STINKS!!!!  

I didn't even know this lake was out time we are bringing a tent and our fishing poles. 

We found another place to cross but just in case DeDe went out to make sure it wasn't too deep...I had visions of Lonesome Dove. 

We ended our trip with a yummy dinner at Bill's.  Gracie and I ate up the hush GOOD!!
What a great trip...we can't wait to go back..
In fact...I just heard the daddies planning next Saturday's trip. 

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