Sunday, June 2, 2013

Last minute changes can be good

Just 2 short weeks after Shad's full Ironman he was signed up for a PlayTri Team sprint. Needless to say poor planning on our part. The Carnes were also going so we knew that would make the trip more fun.

We met the Carnes at the Grapevine Mills Mall to go to a dinner/movie theatre. Epic was our choice and it was GREAT!!! We called it an early night to get rested for the race tomorrow.

Neither of the guys we really feeling great about racing! Drew had a sinus infection and was going to drop out. Their PlayTri coach made a suggestion to find a relay partner. So he asked shad. Shad is still really tired and sore and really didn't want to race 100%. So it worked out great. Shad did the swim and Drew did the bike and run.

YouTube Video

And Guess what??? They got second place. I think they were robbed. They were a team of 2 instead of 3 and they were a little faster than 1st place team but because they were women they got 1st. Our boys were still pumped!!!

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