Saturday, May 11, 2013

5th Annual McGaha "No Beans" Chili Cook Off

This is our favorite event of the year.  This being the 5th Annual cook off we wanted to make it special.  So we got a city permit to block off the street and asked Rick Wylie to come and play.  We had SO many friends come.  The yard was full of food, friends and FUN!!!!
The long awaited judging went very well.  BJ came in 1st, Ray Ray came in 2nd, and Doug came in 3rd.  Of course Shad still wont enter his.  But I thought it was REALLY GOOD!!!
The Sims family comes into town every year and spends the weekend with us.  It is so much fun to spend this time with them.  Casey and Shad are two peas in a pod, Scheri and I make a great pair, and Kaitlin and Alex are inseparable when they are together.   
The day was perfect!!!  Great weather and so many wonderful friends.  We played and ate and visited.  The Rick Wylie Band was incredible and made the entire evening.  I don't think we will have another Chili Cook Off without them.  

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