Sunday, April 7, 2013

Iron Man Galveston

What a big weekend we had!!!  It started with IronMan training camp in The Woodlands.  Shad is so glad that he decided to attend this camp.  It gave him a really good idea of how his full IronMan next month would go.  Not to mention he got some amazing coaching from Playtri.  Shad is now on the Playtri team and will be racing for them alot this season.  So when you see Shad race he will always be sporting Playtri gear.  

While daddy was training Emma, Henry, and I got to play!!!  

Oh Look how much they love each other...yes this is a rare sight!!!

Once we finally ventured out-I got to stop by Baby's 1st.  Some GREAT friends in the industry.  This is Jacob...He and his parents have 4 stores in the Houston area.  I so enjoyed our visit and getting to see their newest store.  It is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Next it was on to shopping and a movie.  Poor Daddy....he did text us every once in a while to make sure we were ok and to let us know how he was doing...About this time he had finished a 90min swim with drills, a 65 mile bike ride, and was starting his run.  

We LOVED the CROODS!!!!  Great movie and The Woodlands is a great place to shop.  

That afternoon...stinky daddy and all...we headed to Galveston.  
We checked into the Moody Gardens...ate some dinner and hit the had been a full day....and tomorrow Emma and Henry were running a race.  

We met up with all our friends that morning for the kids 1 mile fun run.  There were a TON of kiddo's there...busting at the seams to get their chance to run!!!  

Savin Carnes was the first one in our group to finish...followed shortly by the girls-Haley Carnes, Oliva Davenport, and Emma.  They all did great...and were so pleased with their medals.  

Next through the finish line was Henry!!!  He was REALLY EXCITED About the medal!!!

Check out these cool IRON KIDS!!!!

After the race was over we got Shad checked in...bought some new Ironman gear...gotta show our support...and then went out for some fun.  We ate lunch at the RainForest Cafe and then took Emma and Henry over to the old candy store.  It was packed...and brought back so many great memories.  We even got to watch them make some taffy.

Henry's 3 horn dino...needed that rocky road ice cream.  Sorry daddy :(

That is the BIGGEST gummy snake I have ever seen.  

Let the candy making cool...the machines they use to cut and wrap the taffy is over 100 years old.  
That night we ate an early dinner with the Carnes and Davenports and headed to bed....Tomorrow is RACE DAY!!!
Shad was pumped and ready to nerves this time...just stay in his training peaks..thats was the goal of the day!!!  This is just another training day for IronMan Texas...wait did I just say that...this THIS is JUST a TRAINING!!!!

Here he comes..out of the water and looking good...really good time on the swim.  Shad said the water was NASTY!!!!

Transition done and on the are clipped in before hand and he puts them on as he rides off.  Did I mention I can hardly ride a bike...and these guys can put on their shoes while riding...some of them can even TT while riding..but that's a whole other blog...
Back from the bike right on time...actually a few minutes fast...Shad did great...didn't knock his water bottles off like everyone else did. 

Transition to Run...

Shad was looking strong and had a GREAT attitude...we all got high 5's...and I even got a sweaty kiss!!!  He kept his training pace the entire race and finished happy and strong...that is the way we like it.  
And the FINISH!!!!
The clock says 7:20 but he was 6:20...did start with the first group.  

Here are our finishers...
Drew Carnes, Shad McGaha, and Todd Davenport.  

I am one lucky girl!!!!

Shad felt great after the race...he showered and we waited in the Lobby with Tricia, Rhett, Libby, Caleb, and bonus to this trip....COUSIN TIME...we had a wonderful visit and dinner together...

Finished off with a little Orange Leaf!!! and some silliness...
It was so nice of them to make time to come and see us....I wish Mitizi's gang could have gotten to come...but I am sure we will get together soon.  

What a wonderful weekend.  

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