Wednesday, March 20, 2013

GT Project

Our latest GT project was to create a game utilizing one of the strategies Emma has been learning.  We chose Synonyms and Antonyms.  Emma and I spent time looking on Pinterest for some good ideas...we LOVED the idea of the FindIt games.  We love playing the real FindIt games.  

First we colored rice...uncooked.  

Next Emma came up with 20 sets of Antonyms and 20 sets of Synonyms.  She even typed them into excel all by herself.  

We created a key for each game and then a playing card.  We had them laminated and bought some fun colors of dry erase markers.  

I must admit, Emma did a great job.  She came up with really good words and we had so much fun trying to find all the matching pairs.  Emma took her games to school and got to teach the class all how to play.  She is so proud of this project.  They have gotten to play several times.  Each time Emma comes home and tells me all about it.  I am so proud of my smart girl!

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