Saturday, February 16, 2013

Family Ski Trip

The daddies had so much fun skiing with the girls that they wanted to take us all back for a long weekend.  We got a great condo that could accommodate us all.  The kitchen was small but we have cooked in worse (PK).  We got there late at night and everyone was exhausted.  (I might have been a NERVOUS WRECK while we were driving.)  
The next morning the everyone was up early and ready to hit the slopes. Isn't it beautiful.  The slopes weren't crowded at all. 
Henry went to ski school just for part of the 1st day. 
These little snow bunnies can really ski.  All 3 girls and Shad even did The FACE!!!  That is a black!  Lolly and I were sitting at the bottom watching them come down.  We couldn't believe how GREAT they did!!! 
Everytime they reached the bottom the kids would ski right back into line.  They wanted to go right back up.  
Usually they only stopped when it was time to go eat lunch.  Then we would go back to the condo and rest for a little while before they would head back up to ski again.  One afternoon Lolly and I used the crock pots we brought to cook potatoes and chicken...yummy but the restaurants were really good and food wasn't that expensive.  I think next year we will just cook breakfast. 

Shad and David were good to carry snacks in their pockets. And they would take a snack break every once in a while. 
The kids thought this tree house was the perfect place for a snack break. 
In the evenings we went to several different restaurants.  Each of the girls had their favorites that they wanted to take us to visit.  This night we ate at Texas Red's.  The wait was FOREVER but there was live music.  I love these pictures of the kids dancing.  SO SWEET

And this one melts my heart.  I hope he always dances with her!
After Texas Reds Laurie and I took the girls shopping and Shad, David, and Henry did a little of their own. 
Silly BOYS!!!
The walk home got TOO LONG!!  Belle and Henry needed a ride. 

On our way out to dinner one night we stopped for some quick pictures....
What a good looking group. 


Our ski trip was a blast.  I can't wait to go back next year!!!  The kids had so much fun and so did the parents.  I love that my babies are learning to ski.  

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