Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

One of the fun activities Emma had really been looking forward to in 3rd grade was the Gingerbread House Making Christmas "Party" (I don't think we are suppose to call it a party)
The Entire 3rd grade gets to participate in this fun event and lots of moms, dads, big sisters and brother, and grandparents come too!!!

Emma worked so hard on her house...she didn't want any help and she was very much infact we ended up having to take it home to finish...she spent another 2 hours at home working on it.  

Mary Kate


Pam and Libby

Laura, Kate, and their sitter

Emma's table of friends.  

Bennet's family!

Jackson and Lukes crew.

Alexis, Dalainy, and Baylee's table

Kate and Michelle Wurster

William and Wendy Presson

And here it is...the finished house....It was REALLY COOL!!!

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