Thursday, December 20, 2012

Emma and Williams Party

Wendy Presson had the best idea for our kiddo's this holiday season.  We rented the city Trolley and took them around Country Club to see all the Christmas Lights and then over to the Fantasy of Lights to run around and play and then back to Williams house for smores and playing in the back yard.  We invited several of the parents to come with us and we all had such a good time.  These kids are too much FUN!!!

Emma and William

Lucy and Claire

Pam and Libby

Garrett Hudson, Sadler and Owen Germany, Nicholar Burger, William Presson, and Bennet Bristo

Alexis Carter, Kate Wurster, Olivia Davenport, Kate Christoff

KiKi Beautin, Baylee Brown, Kenli Coughran, Alexis Carter, and Ava Hill

Alexis Carter, Laura and Kate Christoff, Kate Wurster, Olivia Davenport, and Libby Featherston

Funny kids

Crazy Boys

I love this sweet girl and I am prouder of her everyday!!!

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