Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve Gift

Christmas Eve Gift Opening is so much fun.  I start shopping and planning months in advance and this is the day when I get to watch everyone open up their gifts.  I just LOVE it!!!!
I love the kids getting so excited when they get something they really wanted or when they are so surprised about something they asked for but then totally forgot about it.  

This year the family got a Xbox Kinects...I must admit it is too COOL!!!

Love how sister helps.  
The kids really enjoyed giving each other gifts this year.  They bought them with their own money and really made them thoughtful!  

North Face...makes a Happy Face

and I guess so does Vanns

working together...check out that face!!!

Binkie had fun watching and opening her gifts too!!!  But it didn't take long before she was in the floor playing too!

Go Pokes!!!

Henry made daddy a coast with Ms Nancy and was so hard to wait for Christmas to get daddy to open it.  Emma made me one.  We love them.  

Oh the Joy!!!  
Now lets PLAY!!!!

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