Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

 Can you believe it...another white Christmas...I am starting to believe all that global warming crazy weather coming to get us talk....but for now we will just play and LOVE it!!!

The kids had the best time playing....and playing....and playing...until I thought they would FREEZE!!!!
The snow was so cold it wouldn't even pack together to form snowballs...so what did they do....they came in to get cups of water to pour on the snow to be able to make balls....while other used shovels to throw snow at each other....TO FUNNY!!!  But then the little guys found the icicles hanging down from the sides of the trucks and started eating them  GROSS!!!!

After they got tired of snow fighting and snow angel making the daddys broke out the rhino and razor.....now for the BIG fun.  How many kids can you fit into one of these....9+

Oh wait...and they were pulling at least 2.  

Love how Jacob took care of Henry!!!

Alex and Lauren don't get to see each other often but they always just pick right back up where they left off. Sweet girls.  

The rest of us stayed in where it was warm and ate on our yummy Mexican buffet....I am traditionalist but oh my goodness this was the best Christmas Lunch EVER!!!

I vote Mexican every year!

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