Thursday, November 22, 2012


A day to be with the family we are blessed with.  A day to eat and be merry...pretty weather, great food, almost all our loved ones, it just doesn't get better than this.  

My Little ones

Randy and Erin


Me and My big sis

Lolly, Big Daddy, and me

Me and my honey

Lolly and DeDe

Ha ha ha...I love this picture of Binkie and Henry

Belle, Claire, and Emma playing a little volleyball

Sweet sisters

More volleyball

Silly guys...Henry so wanted to climb a tree

This is pretty much the normal for and sports for the guys

Rachelle and Randy

To of the sweetest trouble makers ever
Carter and Henry

My baby girl is getting too big!!

This looks like trouble...Paul why do yu hve those blocks...and what is Caroline doing with the guinea pig

The twins...not really 
Belle and Jacob

Aunt Susan and Uncle Jerry

Love that SMILE!!!

ha ha ha....just like Connie!!!

Just in case you were wondering...we got to have the Slatter family join us this year also.  

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