Sunday, September 16, 2012

PK Tri

When we pulled up to our cabin at Camp Grady Spruce we knew that this was going to be a family adventure.  We were here to stay for 2 nights and we were going to have a GREAT time.  

 Saturday morning we got up, ate breakfast and stuck the kids outside to play.  I love their imaginations....for the next 3 hours they build a squirrel trap from pipe cleaners, grocery sacks, rocks, etc.  TOO FUNNY!!!

That night when we got ready for bed...we found a little friend on the bathroom wall.  We had so much fun watching this little guy catch his dinner.  
After we got the daddy's checked in and some of their gear dropped off we skipped some stones...well we tried to skip some stones.  

Todd was 1st out of the water and had a GREAT race...the rest of this pics are out of order and I have had a terrible time trying to get them fixed...I give up!
David was so proud of himself after his swim!  He was feeling good and ready to jump on the bike!

Shad's swim was a little rocky.  He had a malfunction with his wet suit and really panicked. He pushed through and finished.

On to the bike!

Adam did come and participate and so did Reagan...

Savin and Henry had fun playing.  Boy were they dirty!

They all finished so strong.  It was really fun knowing so many people at the race.  

So here is another place where I couldn't get the pictures right.  On Saturday we spent part of the afternoon with BJ.  He took us to see the Zonkies.  Our kids LOVED them!

This weekend was a big adventure and alot of fun!

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