Friday, August 10, 2012

4th Annual PK Trip

We almost didn't make it to the lake this year...but we were able to squeaze in a quick trip.  BOY was it fun.  The kids are growing up so much and can do so much more than just ride in the boat and tube. 
Before we got the kids in the water BJ showed us how it is done!
Henry and Learson are still big friends...He does love her!!!

Learson is to funny doing her toddler and tiara's moves while knee boarding. 

I think Henry only tried knee boarding just because Learson can do it.  

He was POOPED!!!!

Now Peyton can really show off...she did GREAT!!!

Alex loved knee boarding but couldn't wait to get on the tube!

Emma had already gone knee boarding twice this summer, once with Libby Featherston's family and once with Lolly and DeDe...She had this down!

Love these boys!

WOW!!!  Taleigha has got some skills too!
Shad was so brave to try...not me so much!

When it gets hot at the lake...what do you do???  SWIM!!!!

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