Monday, May 28, 2012

Lets Meet the Coach and Have some fun!

Meet Shad's new best friend.  His name is Aaron.  He is our IronMan coach.  Shad has made the decision to do a FULL IronMan.  That's right over 140miles.  I know he is CRAZY but I am proud of him. 

We had to go to Dallas to meet the coach and for Shad to do some tests with him. 

While Shad was running we had a wonderful breakfast and played at the fountain at our hotel.  We knew when he got home we would be heading to the zoo. 
Whenever we have to go out of town for a race or related event, Shad is always good to plan something fun for the kids. 

Do not be fooled.....This is a sweet picture.
We chose the Dallas Zoo because the Colonial was going on and Shad was afraid the Ft Worth Zoo would be hard to get in and out of.  I am so glad we did.  This is a COOL Zoo.  It seemed like we were so much closer to the animals and we could really observe them and even interact with some. 
We really liked the Lemurs...until they got into a big screaming fight...LOUD!!!!

Acting like Penguins!!!
I LOVE this baboon...he had the most beautiful face. 
Henry was pumped to see the giraffes...he was looking and looking for them.  This enclosure had 8 giraffes, 4 zebras, and 3 ostrich. 
Then we got to feed the giraffes...Emma did great..even when he licked her.  Henry was Ok but a little scared...after it was over of course he wanted to do it again!!!  Maybe next time buddy. 
He was not as fond of feeding the birds...well he liked feeding them but he did NOT like them sitting on him. 

Much better when mommy holds the bird!
It was another great weekend.  We are looking forward to Daddy's great success and stand behind him with all the hard work he is getting ready to endure. 
So much so that we bought a membership to the Zoo....I think we might get to use it. 

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