Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Emma's Award Ceremony

There she sweet Emma. 
She has ROCKED the 2nd grade.  Straight A's and more awards than I can count.  I am so proud of this little girl.  We still don't love reading but Emma is the hardest work with the most determination you will ever meet. 
This is Mr. Bell.  He is our new principal this year.  I absolutely LOVE him and so do ALL the kids.  He has done a wonderful job!

Lexi Carter, Libby Featherston, and Emma

Mrs. Montemayor was a wonderful teacher.  She loved on all theses kiddo's and made Emma feel special and smart each and everyday.  I know that we had a great year because of her!
Laura Christoff, Alexis Carter, Kate Christoff, and Emma
Emma is so lucky to have such a wonderful group of good girl friends.  I am so proud of these little girls. 

And in my very best Alice Cooper voice
"Schools out for summer!"

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