Thursday, April 19, 2012

Go Fish

I always loved PTA programs.  Emma is just the same.  She gets so excited when they start trying out for parts.  She really had a hard time choosing between a shark and a sea horse.  
Laura Christoff got to be a jelly fish...isn't this cute!!!

Payton was one of the clown fish...we thought that fit him just about perfectly...he is so funny!
Delaney was a Tuna Fish that couldn't carry a tune.
Claire and Lucy were clown fish also and they told some great jokes.  
Bennett Bristoe, Jackson Steinruck, Zachery, and were the electric eel..complete with glow sticks.  
But then it was Emma's turn...she shined as a sea horse...she knew all the moves and made them look so easy...
Kate Christoff and Lexi Carter were also Sea Horses.  
Emma and Libby sang another flawless duet this year and when it was over and they went back to dance Emma's partner got mixed up and went with the wrong sea horse...Emma covered very well...kinda reminded me of that scene in Dirty Dancing when she misses the lift.  
Emma also had a speaking part...she remembered her line and said it slow so we could all understand it.  
Laura Christoff, Libby Featherston, Emma, and Kate Christoff

The 2nd Grade production of Go Fish made a BIG SPLASH!!!

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