Thursday, April 5, 2012

3K Easter Egg Hunt

Are these not the cutest kids ever!!  Remember Henry is the only boy in this lovely class. 
Libby, Emma, Kia, Lauren, Jody, Breighann, Jaden and Henry
When we said "GO" Henry was off...he was so excited to go and find his eggs!!!!

Each egg had a childs name on it.  I was so surprised that when they picked them up they could all read/recognize each others names. 
Daddy even got to come for a few minutes...infact he and BJ hid all the eggs...what a GREAT daddy!!!
Jody and Henry counting his eggs to make sure he found all 12!!!

After our egg hunt JoJo read the kids a story.  They all LOVED JoJo!!!

I love this boy!!!!

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