Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Henry's Valentines

Henry's Valentines Party was so cute. The party mommies had such great ideas. We started with a candy heart stacking game. I was so surprised at how well they did. Henry's tower of hearts fell over a couple of times and then he stopped and looked at the hearts really hard for just a few seconds....next thing I knew he had built a base out of the hearts and then started his tower again. I can't believe he thought of doing that...maybe he'll be an architect.

Next was a scavenger hunt all around the room. The class searched high and low for tons of red and white hearts. We played this a couple of times.

I love all the creative things that Mrs. Kleinart thinks of doing. Here are hearts that the kids painted and then she asked them to name something they loved.
This just melted my heart. When Mrs. Kleinart saw me reading these she told me that several of the girls had chosen to say that they loved Henry but she tried to make each heart different.
To finish our party off we had a yummy cupcake and M&M's. It was the perfect little party!

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