Monday, February 20, 2012

Daddy Ski Trip

Aunt Lolly, JoJo and I had a scrapbooking weekend planned and after Shad and Emma came home and told about all the fun they had skiing....Well DeDe and Shad decided that was the perfect plan while the mama's were away.
So skiing they went!!!!
Henry and the girls went to ski school. They all did so GREAT!!! Even if a few of them took a little convening. It was well worth it. The girls were skiing like CHAMPS and Henry was the best 3 year old on the mountain...ok close to the best.

There wasn't alot of Pizza with these girls...they were all about the french fries and SPEED!!!!
Can you believe HOW CUTE these kids are?
OPPS!!! I think he fell.
The guys found a nice cabin where they could all stay together. DeDe cooked breakfast each morning...yummy DeDe eggs...Emma's favorite!!!

By the end of the weekend they were skiing Greens, Blues, and even crossed a BLACK. I am so SO Proud of them!!!

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