Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Iron Man Strikes Again

It's that time of year again...IRON MAN TIME!!!

We grabbed Emma from school just after 10am and headed to Austin. We were all so excited!!!

We checked into the hotel, played and shopped at the Iron Man exhibit, and went to the bike shop.

Henry was so excited to see this train outside of the bike shop.

I feel like all we did was eat for 4 days. LOL!!!

The first night we ate at Green Mesquite Grill...I kid you Ribs and Brisket I have ever eaten. And of course Amy's Ice Cream

Then the next day after the bike shop stop we at at Flips Happy Crepes..WOW!!!
After the crepes it was off to Austin Park for some Go Carts, Tea Cups, and Putt Putt. We knew the kids needed to have some fun before a long race day.
That night we ate at Cheesecake Factory so daddy could carb up...
and yes we finished off with some Amy's Ice Cream!!!

The next morning came EARLY. We drove Shad to the race and then slept for an hour in the car. He had to get "marked up" and there was no need in us being there yet.

Once I woke Henry up we jumped on the bus and headed to the swim start. Emma was such a HUGE help!!! I had to load the stroller on the back of the bus and she took Henry to get on. Such a good big sister.

Again this year, the weather was perfect. Isn't this just beautiful. Shad didn't seem as nervous as last year...We were all REALLY EXCITED!!!!!
We also had some friends in the race: Todd Davenport, Joe Wurster, and Danny Clark. Here comes Todd!!!
I knew how long Shad's swim should take....but he KILLED 4 minutes. I was messing with my new camera when he ran by...This is him saying Hey...I did it!!!! and laughing at the SHOCK on my face.

After he ran by Emma grabbed the picnic blanket and yelled RUN!!! She wanted to catch up to him so badly.
We ran up the hill and made it to the perfect spot to watch Shad start his bike ride. ...and he's OFF!!!!
While daddy was out on the bike ride we took the bus back over to transition area 2. There was a great bounce house, a HUGE bus with XBox and Wii games and a craft table.
We played and played
and PLAYED!!!!! until it was time to run over and see daddy transition from bike to run.
Again...he KILLED his bike time...I think it was almost 15 min faster!!!! WOW!!! That's my Iron Man!!!
Now the run....that wasn't as much fun. Shad hurt his foot on mile 2 and if you know him...there is no giving up. He ran another 11 miles in PAIN!!!

What's the end of the story....He one piece and no trip to the medical tent this year!!!
We couldn't be prouder DADDY!!!!

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