Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas Magic

It's that time of year again!!! Christmas MAGIC!!! We love it!!! Aunt Lolly was the chairman this year along with Emily Arens and the entire market was wonderful. We absolutely had the best time. One of our favorite parts is the children's events. This year the entertainment committee really changed this event up. We started with Mrs. Claus reading us Polar Express.

Henry was so glad JoJo was there!

We got to sit next to the Whitmire clan...These kids are so cute and so well behaved!

Henry loved the decorations.
After the story we moved on to the caroling room. Our kids love to sing and dance.

So did Charlotte, Maggie, and Henry.
JoJo got into it too!!!
Duke and Ruth got their groove on.
After singing we made a Christmas Ornament. That is my kids favorite part.
And we finished it up with coloring, a snack and of course SANTA!!!!

This was the best Children's Event yet. I am so glad my kids are still into this.

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