Thursday, October 13, 2011

I can't hear you!

So the other day Henry got in a little bit of trouble at school for not listening...and for telling the teacher that he couldn't obey because he couldn't hear her because he had rocks in his ears...well Henry can be a little smart alec (sp?) so as funny as that was...he was still in trouble.

Later that evening when we were on our way to Bible study I asked Henry why he wasn't listening. He told me the same thing "Because I have rocks in my ears" I argued with him and told him he had to obey...he said OK but one rock fell out in JoJo's car and I can't get the other one. WHAT!!!!! Ok so he really did have rocks in his ears.

Thank goodness for Dr. J and her mad skills!!! Henry was just perfect for her as she got that old rock out of his ear and he promised to never ever do it again!
As a treat for being so good we got a tour of the clinic and got to see all the animals that were spending the night. It was pretty cool!!!

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