Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Fun

Daddy had planned to go on a MAN trip to Colorado over labor day but when he got his new job he made the decission to go with us on our Labor Day Trip. We knew his new job would be taking alot of time and this was a great opportunity to spend a little more with us before the "missing daddy" begins.

So we loaded up the kiddo's and JoJo and headed to Grapevine.

The idea started on our way home from Florida...Lolly and I decided that while the boys were away we needed to do something fun with the kids. I had just heard about Leggoland from Bobo and about the new aquarium in Grapevine. Done plans made we were going!!!

These girls crack me up!

At dinner we got the cutest balloons...I mean this lady was talented!!! Not all of them survived :(

Henry chose an aligator...isn't it too cute!

Now at our house...if you don't get up..well you don't don't get to play...and now you get folded up into a couch....LOLOLOLOL!!!! Priceless!!!!

First thing in the morning we headed over to Lego Land. Laurie had done some great research before we left and we have pre-bought our tickets....It was awsome. We walked right past this HUGE line and got right in...PS you need socks.

After we saw how Lego's are made we got to try to save the princess....It was so much fun...but only a one time thing...we really wanted to do it again!!!!

Next was the Harry Potter ride...we all loved that and road it several times.

These girls are so funny

Now it was time to build our race cars...I really didn't think we would hang out here that long but boy was I wrong..we all really loved it...the girls worked on their cars for over an hour before we started racing them. It was so cool to see their creativity come out!!!

Henry fell in love with these soft giant Lego's we built wall after wall.

Daddy and Dirk

The girls were so sweet to take Henry up in the big play ground. They really watch out for him.

Did someone say Karioki...yes please!!!

After Lego Land we ate a YUMMY lunch and met up with our cousin Karen before we headed to the Grapevine Aquarium. Ok now seriously this is just across the hall from Lego cool is that...make sure you buy the passes that include both...You will save some serious bucks!!!

We got there just in time to see Oscar feed the sting was so cool!!!!

Ok so seriously I went in one of these tunnels with the kiddo's and got trapped with 10 little kids...all running back and forth...tooting up a storm...I thought I might die in there.

Shark Tunnel ROCKS!!!!

We were so glad to have Karen and JoJo with us!!!!

This is one great daddy!!!!

After the aquarium we had a little time to shop before we headed to our Dinner/Movie. Of course we headed to the closest Disney store.

Dinner was at the movie theatre...this was all of our first Dinner/Movie experience...and let me just say...AMAZING!!!! We all LOVED it...

Sea Life...we love you and we will definatly be back!!!

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