Monday, August 15, 2011

Rain Rain Come Again!!!

At some point we moved to the equator while I wasn't looking. SERIOUSLY we are on like almost 100 days over 100 degree' rain no rain no rain...Our lakes are drying up. Our tanks are completely dry with dead fish and turtles. It so very very sad. We have prayed with the kids at night for God to send us some rain...PLEASE!!!

And evening just as we got home from dinner it happened!!!

The heavens opened....and it poured.

Our kids were so excited. They danced and played and slid and raised their hands in thanks. At first we didn't understand what they were saying...then it finally dawned on us...they were both saying THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

They had seen their prayers answered!!!

Thank you Lord for answering my children's prayers and teaching them the power of prayer.

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