Monday, July 18, 2011

Monkey's 14

Why is 14 so much different than 13. I just don't understand it. Maybe it isn't the age but the fact that Alex is acting so much older, more mature, and more responsible than she was last year at this time. Now don't get to excited we still have a long ways to go but she had really changed this past year. I see great things for high school.

Needless to say Alex is not loving having her picture taken right now. She usually hides from the camera and never shows her teeth/braces. Unless I catch her on the sly.

Lolly made Alex her favorite PinaColada Cake!!! YUMMY!!! The only thing she might have liked better would be buttermilk pie. I guess we'll save that for Thanksgiving this year.

On your birthday you get to pick where we eat out or what we cook. Alex is in love with the tamales from a little shop downtown. Uncle Larry brought them over on Christmas Eve and Alex said that night.."this is what I want for my birthday dinner"

When we asked Alex what she wanted for her birthday she really didn't come up with much.

1st Season of Glee

Hastings and Books A Million Gift Cards

That's it. Glee and reading those are her top picks right now. We did do some serious damage at the Boardwalk shops in LA on the way home from Florida and she got lots of cute new clothes. Her most favorite is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle T-Shirt. SERIOUSLY!!!

Love this girl to the moon and back.

Happy Birthday Monkey!

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