Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've waited a WHOLE year!!!!

Back in the middle part of June I got a wonderful text from my BFF ( I know I am to old to use that term but if it applies to a friend that you have had since birth...I think it is still OK) She asked if we were going to home June 28-30th. YES!!! YES!!! Does that mean you are coming to see me!!!

You see Ashley (who will be referred to as Bobo from now on) is my oldest and dearest friend!!! We have known each other since she was 2 weeks old and I was born. Yep...she is older...and always will be!!! (your wrong Bobo...that is more fun to say now!!!) We haven't lived in the same town since she left for college but time and distance have not affected our relationship. No matter how far or how long it has been...we will always and forever be family.

Exactly 1 year ago Bobo and Mike brought back Kate from China. I have blogged about Kate's story before but just to catch you up Kate is an answer to prayer in the flesh. I have prayed for this baby for years and she holds a very special place in my heart. Just after they returned from China the Milford family moved to Auburn. (Mike is a professor there...ya he is that COOL!)

Auburn is 14 hours away. That is the farthest we have ever been from each other. I had been checking flights weekly because Shad had promised to fly Emma and I to see them...Then I get the text...They are coming!!!!

These kids have only seen each other a hand full of times and they act like they are together all the time. Emma and Blair are 5 months apart and share a special bond just like me and Bobo. I know they will be life long friends.

Henry is used to being surrounded by beautiful girls and fell right into place. Now he can only handle so much girly girl before he had to break out the spider man!!!

What a huge hit is was. Those kids chased each other for a solid hour. Sweating and panting, Laughing and giggling.

Things began to settle down for the evening and Bobo snapped this priceless picture. Henry has fallen in LOVE with June. The 1st night we went out to eat and Henry so wanted to sit by June. We appeased him by letting them sit across from each other. The girls were chatting and playing and Henry kept trying to get in on the conversation. Finally he announced to June that "if a wasp comes June, don't worry I'll kill it" You see to Henry a wasp is the meanest/scariest thing there is! He was declaring his LOVE for June. It was a precious moment.

While Emma was finishing her last day at scrapbooking camp we decided to jump around a bit. We had so much fun...all of us. I must say we were pretty sweaty and hungry by the time we picked Emma up and headed to Gene's...YUMMO!!!!

Alex was in love with Kate...we kinda have a family rivalry to see who she loves the most...

Emma got to catch up on time missed at Gene's. She ate it up!!!

With no time for a nap we decided to get some splashing in. The Milford's had not been introduced to the wonderful Iowa Park Splash park but it didn't take them long to LOVE IT!!!

We also got to met up with my other BFF J and her kiddo's IVey and Riley...notice Alex hogging the baby!!!

Kate took just a minute to warm up but then she was off!

These 2 are 2 peas in a pod! How cool is it that they have only seen each other a handful of times and still feel like they are best friends.

June needed no instruction....bring on the slides

IVey showing the girls how it is done!

Henry loves to slide and splash!

Ok this pictures is a little misleading. She needed very little help at all.

After such a big fun packed day we needed a bath for sure!

Are these not the cutest little angels!

I WIN!!!!

So does she!!! (notice Henry is shirtless...always I guess this is a new stage)

Bobo, thank you so much for putting us on your "Texas Tour" stop list. Just being with you and your girls blesses me more than you can imagine. Time and Distance will never have a hold on us. Love you!!!!

PS...Mike you were GREATLY missed!!!

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