Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Happy 3rd Birthday

Our baby boy is 3. I just can't believe it. Time has gone by so fast. I see sweet babies and I miss that so much. But watching Henry grow and learn has brought such wonder and joy to our lives. He is a constant form of entertainment. Not a day goes by that he doesn't keep us in stitches. I mean this kid is funny and when he isn't cracking us up he is loving all over us. He can go from Kung Fu Panda to cuddle bug in a split second.

On the morning of his birthday daddy stayed home a little later so Henry could open his presents.

Check out that intent look in his eyes--this is serious business!

Cars 2 is a BIG DEAL in our house and it just so happens it came out the week of Henry's birthday. So needless to say we had a Cars filled birthday. Henry has been talking about needing a "boy" sleeping bag since we were gone on vacation and he stayed with Lolly and Dede. He was too happy about this one.

Henry didn't even know who Francesco was at this point but he was still so excited!! These are the coolest just shake them and the go. So much fun!

Buzz came to the party too! For Christmas Henry got a Woody doll and a Buzz but the Buzz didn't talk so for the past couple of months Henry has been asking for a talking Buzz...he loved him.

Here is Henry's Big Birthday Present. It was time for Henry to move up to a big boy bed. A few weeks ago we were talking about it and he said "I want a bed that doesn't have on of these" as he pointed to the front of his crib. He wanted a bed that looks like Emma and Alex.

While he didn't get one that looks exactly like theirs he did get a REALLY COOL BED!!!

He was so excited. He is sleeping GREAT and loves his bed. I am so proud of him. He is good about calling for help whenever he wants to get up or down and he will play under his bed until we come looking for him.

It even came with Toy Story sheets.

In true family form we headed to JoJo and Big Daddy's for cake the night of Henry's birthday. JoJo and Big Daddy got him the coolest pirate ship. (we have had so much fun with it) The ship came in this great big box. RayRay, Henry, and Belle couldn't resist climbing in.

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