Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cousins Graduation

Kyle, Penelope, Hunter, and Carter are graduating this year. I just can't believe they are that old...Or really that I am that old. I remember when the twins were born (Kyle and Cater) and how COOL I thought it was to have twin cousins.

Kyle and Cater are going to Texas Tech, Hunter is going to Blinn, and Penelope is coming to MSU (YIPEE!)

Stephanie, Wendy, Karen, and Ashley

Stephanie and I are GREAT friends. Karen has been so good to bring Stephanie, Cater, and Kyle to spend time with us each year. Ever since Stephanie was little she started staying with Laurie and I. We have grown into such great friends.

We were so glad to see Wendy and her family again. They moved from WF a few years ago and we miss them so much.

Karen was so gracious to host our BIG Family for a graduation lunch. The boys high school is so big she was only getting 8 tickets to graduation per boy...well that just wont cover it for us so she gave this YUMMY lunch so we could celebrate with them.

Sweet Ashley has grown into a beautiful young teen....Little Tom and Joy are going to have to bar the door!!!

Hunter, Stephanie, and Kyle

Stephanie and me (love this girl)

My silly boys

lucky lady!

Karen and Stephanie. This is the best mom in the world. I ask her all the time what her secret is. She has raised the most thoughtful, polite, smart, giving children. I am amazed by her!

I foresee years of mischief from these too! Caleb and Henry I've got my eye on you 2.

How funny is this....These 3 crack me up. Caleb (3) Henry (2) and Jacob (5). I can tell they are going to be good buddies. I love that there are so many kids in our family. Everyone has a buddy...

PS...they aren't really playing anything. We were in Kyle's room and they were watching TV. These remotes were in the floor and they all naturally gravitated toward them just to hold. It must be genetic!

Still not playing...but Henry is working hard at it!

Thanks for a great day Karen and Bob. Family time is the best!!!

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