Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Day Gone Wrong!

Field Day, boy was Emma excited. I promised when I dropped her off that I would be back in just a bit for Field day. I ran to the Dr.'s office because my throat was killing me...and guess what. I had strep. I wasn't feeling badly and I had made a promise, so off I went.

I got there just as Emma's class began the first game, silly relay of dress up. So cute. Mrs. Stevenson was careful to read all the directions at each new game. The kids did a great job of listening and playing well together.

Next was a race with rubber bands around the ankles. SO FUNNY!!!

And then there was the tootsie roll game where we unrolled tootsie rolls with gloves on our hands. Mrs. Stevenson ate Emma's tootsie roll. (So sad I didn't get a pic)

So on to drip drip drop. (like duck duck goose with water) As soon as I saw that William was it I just new Emma was going to get it. And did she ever!!!

Since we were already wet we moved on to Sponge Bob Square Pants fill the buckets.

This was another relay where a Sponge Bob sponge was used to fill up the buckets. Check out those cheerleaders.

Now here is where it gets interesting. Emma was running back to squeeze her sponge when she tripped. Crazy I caught it on the camera. What I didn't catch was that she moved her arms up and landed directly on the back left side of her head.

I heard the most excruciating scream come from my babies mouth. I ran and moved her over to the side. I began to run my fingers through her ponytail to see if she was bleeding. Immediately I found a goose egg the size of 1/2 my fist!!! How could it have come up that fast. I scooped her up and helped her to the nurse. However, the nurse was out so I called Dr. Sultimier. I was told to bring her in right then.

We didn't wait long and by now Emma had calmed down. The bump on her head was still HUGE and she was pasty white. Luckily Shad was home and he and Henry met us at the Dr.'s office. Once examined it was determined that we needed to have a skull x-ray to rule out a fracture.

Emma was nervous at first but held very still just like she was asked too!!!

And so here it is....her beautiful head. You can see in the back a lump...luckily no fracture but the soft tissue was very very swollen. 5 days later and we still have a goose egg but her hair does a good job of covering it up.

Emma thought the x-ray was TOO COOL!!!! We could see her teeth still in the gums...looks like our first set of molars will be pushing through soon. We even got to snap a picture of the x-ray so that Emma could show her classmates!!!

I feel so very blessed that it wasn't worse...Oh and did I mention it was also Shad and My's 11th wedding anniversary...needless to say we canceled the babysitter for that night and stayed in.

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