Sunday, April 17, 2011

3rd Annual McGaha "No Beans" Chili Cook Off

We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather for the 3rd Annual McGaha "No Beans" Chili Cook Off. This is my favorite event of the year. Good friends, Great food, and sitting in lawn chairs on our front lawn....what more could a girl want.

(Disclaimer: There is a TON of pictures)

This year Shad was a little behind schedule because he had to run into work early that morning and then coach a soccer game. So we started at 1:00pm and rounded it up around 9:00pm. We had 5 Chili entries this year. They were all REALLY REALLY good.

Shad and I thought it would be fun to have a couple of judges: John Presson, Conrad Cooper, and Frank Schmidt were the lucky guys. Well it turned out to be not as great an idea as we is really awkward for Shad to win his own chili cook off. BOY was that Chili YUMMY!!!

Jennifer, Riley, Anna, Jennifer, and Chad

The turn out was incredible. I know the beautiful weather had alot to do with is and we so enjoyed visiting with everyone. We were also really lucky that everyone came bearing goodies and snacks. We had 2 8ft tables running over with food.

Taleigha and Dana

Henry couldn't get enough goodies!!!

Rachelle, Conrad, Rusty, Richelle, Erin, Caleb, and Jackson

Christina, Wendy, and Laurie

John, Joey, BJ, and Judy

Casey, Shad, and Frank Sr.

J and Miss Riley

Kelci and Meagan

Teri...where is Drew??? How did I miss Drew?

Selina, Brandon wasn't feeling so great! Turns out he had strep.

Lolly and JoJo

Belle, Caroline, Grace, Jacob, and Reed

The kids may have had more fun than the adults. They ran and played and played and ran. There was some GREAT sleep had by all that night.

Who snuck those Barbies out of the house.

Emma, Haley, KiKi, Kenli, and Bailey

Shelly and Stella

BJ and these guys!!!

John and Wendy. This was their 1st Chili cook off and we so hope it isn't their last!!!

Are these not the cutest boys in the world. Henry and Frank (IVey) BFF!!!

Meagan, Jason, and Taleigha

Jack Jack had a ball!

The Phillips Family...hey this is their 1st year too and they got 3rd place...Watch out guys!!!

My girls

J, Jennifer, Me, Taleigha, and Anna

Uncle DeDe was a little late. You know he is a CPA. So when Henry heard him pull up on his bike, he couldn't wait to run out and say HI!!!

Anna and Audrey

Emma said to Anna on Friday when she got to the house..."Hey Anna did you know you are Alexis's cousin?" Audrey's daughter is one of Emma's best friends. We were so glad Audrey came to hang out with us.

Casey, Judy, J and Riley

Love my family!!!

RayRay better late than never. Love this lady!

These guys are a hoot!

Ok I know this looks like 2 of the same picture but check out CRAZY FRANK in the back ground. Now I have to try to photoshop your booty out.. FRANK!!!!

Shad's new ride!!!!

Let's just say the kids LOVE it!!!

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