Monday, March 14, 2011

I love spring break!

We always try to do something out of the ordinary on spring break. This year Alex gave us the perfect excuse! She has an apt at the Scottish Rite Hospital to check out her scoliosis brace so we went a day early for some fun and to see friends.

Emma and Henry loved the hotel! After we checked in we drove over to Stonebriar to look around and meet the Sims for dinner!

Kaitlyn was such a trooper to hang with Emma.

We had such a nice visit!

The next morning we slept late and played alot of "cut the rope"

Now for some fun at North Park!

Henry LOVED the ducks and turtles!!

Time for one of Alex's old favorite!

Ok that took longer than we thought so we had to book it over to meet Alex and Candra

The apt took FOREVER and Alex was not happy to learn she would be wearing her brace for at least another 6 months. She really took it well!

We had to say goodbye to Alex and Candra and we headed over to Hillstone ( use to by Houston's) for linner (lunch/dinner). Yummy!! We were so lucky to have Karen and Stephanie meet us there.

(this is their famous cheese bread. )

We had a nice long visit grabbed some Sprinkles cupcakes and started for the car, when Karen asked if Emma could spend the night with them. Karen and the kids would be coming to WF tomorrow to visit our Uncle Larry and they could bring her home. Of course Emma was all about it!!!

Here is a pic I just got from Karen.

Looks like she is having fun.

It has been a great start to spring break!

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