Saturday, February 19, 2011

Boot Scoot'n Boogie!!!

We never miss the Boot Scoot'n Boogie! This is one of Shad's and my favorite fundraising events. The ARK holds a special place in all our hearts. We have 3 sweet and special friends that are able to take advantage of what the ARK has to offer. Each year David and Laurie invite us to go with them and we are more than happy too!!! This year mom and dad got to come and our great friend Dave Otto with his little girl Olivia. She was a HOOT all night. Who needed the live entertainment when we have Livi!!!

Dave and Livi!!

All that is missing is our sweet Teri. (Miss you everyday)

Our table was right next to the Son's Table. Rusty and Richelle are very active in the ARK. I saw lots and lots of pictures of Jackson participating...although this event is not on Jacksons top 10...Him mommy and daddy love it. Just like us.

Big Daddy and JoJo...we love you guys. It was a very fun night!!

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