Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things to Remember

I use my blog as a way to remember all the happenings in our lives. Right now there are a few things I really want to remember about Henry. I so wish I had done this about Alex and Emma because I know that there is so much I have forgotten. So here goes
  • Henry's favorite song is Wheels on the bus. We sing it every night. He does all the motions. He has learned so many verses that we have had to start limiting how many we can do before bed. (His favorite is the baby says whaaa whaaa whaaa)
  • Henry loves to run around in his socks and scream: SKI SKI SKI...I skiing I skiing SKI SKI SKI!!! it is so funny. He started this when we began talking about going skiing and after his first hockey game.
  • Henry saves his kisses. He will no don't steal mama's kisses or JoJo's kisses or daddy's kisses. It is a fun game to see if you can get him to give them up.
  • When he wants my attention he will turn my face with his hand.
  • Potty Training-Henry has no problem going in the potty, he just isn't ready to give up his diapies. He always wants to go by himself...and he will run yelling "I go by myself"
  • Star Wars=Starburst
  • Hates to get out of bed in the morning. He will say "I not ready" "Just 2 more minutes" "Daddy says I can take my time" "NONONONONO"

Love this little MAN!!!

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