Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Emma's Eyes

It all started last spring. That's right 7 months ago. Our sweet cousin Caroline got a sty...well then Gracie got a sty...and then Emma. We called the Dr. and he assured us that this wasn't a virus but just a coincidence. Only problem...Emma's didn't go away. It never really bothered her at all. Then in September we noticed that it was getting bigger. I started worrying and borrowing trouble, like I sometimes do. I decided to take her in to Dr. Sultemeir and let him take a look. He wasn't sure what it could be so he sent us to a new plastic surgeon her in town. Dr. S did warn me that he would probably refer us to someone in Dallas. That is exactly what happened.

So last Tuesday Shad and I packed our sweet girl up and took her to Dallas for a day all about her. We ate at the Purple Cow. She loved it!! She loved having all the attention. It just doesn't happen often enough for her. Then off to Dr. Gilliland at the Carroll Clinic.

He walked in and took one look at Emma rubbed his finger over her eye and said the most beautiful words..."Its a sty" At first I was like really...all this for a sty but in just a few seconds I remembered that had been my prayer....it was the best case scenario. He did tell us it could last a couple of years and if her eyelid starts to droop or it starts to bother her he could cut it out but if it were his daughter he would let it take care of itself. WHOOP!!! A quick trip to the treasure box and we were out of there.

Just to make Emma's day a little more special we stopped by the American Girl doll store on the way home. She was so sweet and grateful. She must have said Thank you a million times. It warms my heart!

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