Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Laura, KiKi, Emma and Kate

My Baby is FAST!!!

Ready to support her team. She is on the move!

The Ben Franklin Dazzlers...we are 3 and 1 so far. Our first game was a real stinker we got tore up but the last 3 have been great. We missed one but the team did great. 2 weeks ago Emma got an assist. (she didn't know it) She stole the ball and dribbled all the way down court then passed for the assist. I was so proud. Then this week Emma did awesome. She hussled the entire time. She was the first player down the court everytime, she did foul one player on the other team but learned from her mistake. Then at the end of the game we were all tied up-SERIOUS Nail Biter!!!!! Emma gets fouled. She missed both her free throws but they were REALLY REALLY good shots. We got the rebound with 2 seconds left in the game won!!! It was perfect!!!
Emma says she likes basketball better than soccer!!!

Bobo-Check out the free throws...you know she doesn't get it from her mama...boy they were pretty. Just Bad Luck!

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