Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tradition and Tears

This is my grandma, she was the most amazing woman ever. She had a heart of gold. She was a good and faithful servant! I know that she is dancing with angles and I look forward to seeing her again. I love her so much.

One of the things I loved so much about Christmas time was Grandma's Christmas Candy. She spent weeks making batch after batch of yummy treats to send to friends and family. I have friends that grew up with me and to this day will ask for a for a peanut butter ball, special K cookie, piece of easy candy, a chocolate dipped ritz or a chocolate dipped pretzel.

We lost Grandma a few years ago. My heart was broken, my faith was shaken, I miss her so much and think of her daily.
The first Christmas without Grandma was so hard. My sister and I decided to get together and remember Grandma by making her candy...boy did we cry in our chocolate.
Since then we have been making the candy each year. Now mom helps to. As we stir that special K with all our strength and stand for hours dipping the chocolate backs aching, laughing, crying, We all feel so guilty for not helping her more. We love and miss you Grandma and you are still helping us create amazing memories!!!

Even Henry wanted to help roll the Chocolate balls...some how we never quite got one back from him.

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