Sunday, December 5, 2010

Running to Vegas

A couple of months ago Shad mentioned running the Vegas was a hard decision because he would be missing White Rock and he hasn't missed the White Rock race since he started running 4 years ago. But after a little thought and conversation with some friends we made plans to "run" to Vegas for the weekend.

We went with Rusty and Richelle Sons, Missy and Steve, Jennifer and David Campagna, and Trish and Dave. Great group and tons of fun.

After the race we road over to the Bellagio to see the garden. I know these pics shouldn't be first but...heck i screwed up and it is a huge pain to fix so here ya go anyway.

Good Sports

The jumping water was really cool. They work on these flowers every day and about every 3rd day the entire thing has been replaced with new plants.

This polar bear was my favorite

Ok now we are back on track. After a close call with making our flight (I forgot my purse and we had to book it back to WF and then hawl hiney to DFW...Thanks Rusty for getting us there safely)
We checked in, ate some lunch and went to the expo. Shad loves many new products and running gear you can't find every where.

This is as close as you will see the 3 of us to the finish line.

This is my finisher. He looks stronger and stronger... CRAZY!!!
Shad made is PR goal under 2 hours.

This picture is so meaningful...Rusty got Shad started running. Rusty and Steve have been Shad's rocks for the past 4 years. I can't thank them enough.

After the race ended and we met up with our friends for a few minutes, Shad and I headed over for the post race concert. HELLO Bret Michaels. We didn't stay long. Shad's legs were shot and honestly the crowd smelled like a bunch of sweaty runners.

Later that night we ate a yummy dinner at Hugo's Cellar in Old Las go Missy this place rocked. Dinner was really great.

Richelle your are a Great Friend, thanks for all the years of great advise.

Hugo's Cellar is right on Freimont Street. We had to go get some pics. Shad maybe short but these ladies are standing on boxes...I promise.

Look close at this one...OH YA...that's me, Richelle, and Missy on the 5 story zip line over Freimont street. It was CRAZY FUN!!!

There we are again!

Alex is also in LOVE with the Mad Hatter from Alice. She loved this text also!

When we got off the Zip Line this young man helped me...cutie but more than that he looks like Jacob from Twilight. Evidently he has heard that a time or two but still agreed to take a picture with me so I could text Alex.

This is a slot machine with an Owl on it. Yall know how I love owls...didn't play it but thought it was so cute!

Here they are....our champions. We couldn't be prouder of these guys!
It was a wonderful trip...eating, site seeing, shopping, racing, the spa....and home again. Great get away.

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