Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful has a whole new meaning

I just love Thanksgiving. When I was a kid it was just another time to eat yummy food and get to play with my cousins and see my family that didn't live here. I was much more into Christmas and all the presents. But now I am all about Thanksgiving. It is the best holiday!!! A day to eat yummy food, be with family and friends and no pressure of presents. A day to reflect on how incredibly, unbelievably blessed I am. It literally brings tears to my eyes. I am more thankful than I could ever have imagined possible. My God is Good all the time!!!

Shad and I cook the turkey and dressing for our family. Shad usually carves the bird also but he cut his hand and had to ask Uncle DeDe to step in. Jacob and Henry were mesmerized! Not to mention they got fed the first bites.

Wishbone...Belle was only disappointed that she couldn't tell anyone what she had wished for.

These next to pictures are for all you people that say our house is full of girls. Ya we got boys too!!! And they are wrestling fools!

Go Get'um!

My beautiful mom and sister

Me and gotta make it a point to get out from behind that camera ladies...your kids are going to want pictures of you too!

The Welch Clan...

The McGaha Mob...I can't believe this is all the pictures I got. I was way to pre-occupied with festivities... No worries I will get with Rachelle to retrieve the rest.

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