Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Hunting He will go

I know this is going to sound totally Crazy but I am so proud of Shad. You see my dad and his friends have this great deer lease and he has taken Shad once or twice but not very often. Honestly Shad hasn't gone hunting much in his entire life. He likes to it is just that the opportunity has not presented itself often. On the day after Thanksgiving the boys, Shad, David, and Dad, headed out to the lease. Dad has gone many times and has been seeing literally 100's of deer of the wheat field. Dad was so excited about taking the guys.

On Friday Shad had a shot at a GREAT Deer...ya know the one that got away...well he missed...and boy did my dad and David really give him a hard time. Kinda made me "puff up a bit" (Lay off....he hasn't had as much practice as you guys) But Shad took it all in stride and reminded me that he had thick skin and he didn't mind a bit of teasing.

Saturday....HE DIDN'T miss. He got a HUGE 1st buck...I mean...my daddy has brought home quite a few dead animals over the years: deer, ducks, pheasants, dove, etc...So I am never very excited but WOW was I so excited for Shad...to hear the pride in his and my dad's voice. It was great...so here you go...NASTY dead deer pics...but I share them with PRIDE.

9 point with a 21.75 inch spread

My dad said he dropped like a rock...didn't feel a thing..I hope that wasn't just for my benefit!

Ok so for those of you who have never seen a deer stand here is what it looks like...I had no idea. I pictured them in a Tree House/Club House like little kids. LOL!!!

Enlarge this one..Check out all those deer.

And a few PIGGIES!!!

Can you tell how proud my dad is of him. I LOVE this picture!!!

Up until this time every time the guys have brought home a deer Emma wont have anything to do with it...but not this time even she was proud of her daddy!!!

Henry on the other had was having NO PART OF IT!!!

This is just SICK!!! But our girls love it!!!

Now Emma's turn..she says it is REALLY HEAVY

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