Monday, October 18, 2010

InnerSpace Caverns

Let me just tell you how thoughtful my husband is. This weekend is all about least that is what it is suppose to be. The day after the Iron Man I am going to drive us home, but he says before we head home lets do something for the kids. They have been so good for my event we need to do something fun for them. Man--I can't believe he can even move let alone want to do something fun with the kids...
So after a few minutes on the IPad he finds InnerSpace know you have driven by it a million times on the way to Austin. Well next time stop!! It is such a cool place. $20 for the adults and $10 for the kids and there are coupon on the website!
There is a neat cable car that you ride down into the cavern then you pause for a short photo op...
That is when we found this little guy...They call him a chicken nugget..but he is a tiny tiny bat that lives in the cavern. Henry LOVED HIM!!!

The cavern was beautiful. The entire tour took about 1hr 15min and so worth it. We all learned alot and it was just amazing to see these incredible formations. I couldn't believe how much my kids liked it.

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