Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another 1st

I'll start by saying...yes we are still alive and well. This month has been INSANE to say the least. I promise to catch everyone up as soon as Christmas Magic is over. But just to tied you over until then a quick cute story.

Tonight after a GREAT Halloween party and trailer trick-or-treating we headed home for bed. I gave Henry a bath and followed our normal routine. After our story it was time to pray. Henry wanted to go first. I asked what he wanted to pray for and he said as always "my friends" So I began

me: Dear Lord

Henry: Dear Lord

Me: Thank you for my friends

Henry: Thank you for my friends

Me: and

Henry: no mama me.....Thank you for mama and daddy and Buzz Lightyear (aka: IVey) Amen

Me: Great prayer Henry

Henry: Tanks

Oh my goodness I could hardly hold back the tears of joy and pride!!! We still struggle with getting Emma to say her own prayers and here my 2 year old stops me so he can take control and pray by himself. Thank you Lord for answered prayers!


Ashley said...

Amazing. Love that little man!

Sarah Bridges said...

Love LOVE it! What a great blog, thanks for sharing.