Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Small Group Swim Party

Lance and sweet Noah...check out that cool floaty Noah is sporting...Jennifer and I are so on the lookout for these for our boys...So if you see one grab it. We have looked everywhere!!

Two of my favorite guys!!

Maggie, Ian and Zetty

Ashley, Jaime, and Clint

My Haughty!!!

Emma and Breigan. Breigan's mommy and daddy are visiting our group!!!

Our boys are getting so big...soon IVey will be a big brother too!!

They are playing so sweetly together...well most of the time

Our family has been involved in the best small group from church. We have bonded with these families and just love them to pieces. During the school year we meet every Thursday night for Bible study and fellowship. Now that it is summer the girls have had a movie night (another soon to come), we have had a date night, and 2 swim parties. It is a great group of like minded friends. We are so blessed. I know that as our group divides in the coming months. We will all meet new friends and be able to share these wonderful experiences with them as well. Growing in our communitee is so important. LOVE YALL!!!

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