Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So tonight after Henry and I come home from a lovely dinner with the Schmidts we find a gecko in the living room. (well Alex found it really) I was attempting to get everyone bathed and ready for bed but this defiantly put a hold on that. Alex is so excited and Henry is a little scared. I am so afraid that I am raising Henry to be a total weenie that I man up and say.."well lets get him and put him outside" TOTALLY OUT OF CHARACTER FOR ME.
So I go get a I am walking back Henry threw is book on top of the lizard. Alex jumps for the book...the lizard flies out from underneath onto Alex. Alex screams, Henry screams, I scream, and I am pretty sure I heard the lizard scream. He flips off her and starts running for it. Alex and I then trap him up against the entertainment center and finally after alot of screaming and jumping by all of us coax him into the cup. (lets just say the tail was a casualty) Did you know when they loose their tails the tail wiggles and squiggles and flips around. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex runs the cup outside and we are SAFE!!! We spent a few minutes naming Bob, inspecting him, looking at his eyes, and watching him breath. Henry really thought that was cool. The he decided he wanted Bob out of the cup. So we turned the cup upside down and taped on the bottom. Out came "stumpy" and off he went. Fun Memories!!

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