Saturday, July 10, 2010

2nd Annual Lake Trip

Thank you so much to the Murray's for having us to the lake again. We always have so much fun. Rain or shine and we had both this time. Our kids get along so well, it is just so much fun

yes, that is me on a tube. I do all kinds of things just so my kiddo's wont be such scardy cats.

After a couple of rides we stopped for a family swim. Henry even got in with Shad

Yes BJ did eventually through both of my kiddo's off. Emma was so brave. Even when the tub ran over her. She did think we might be leaving her behind. You heard a faint MOMMY! But as soon as BJ got close he dove in to make sure she was OK.
Now when Alex lost it she skipped across the lake like a stone. It was GREAT!

Henry loved riding in the boat.

So did Emma...and she loved tubing..Way to go BRAVE girl!

That is one good looking MAN!!!

Emma was a little unsure about getting on the tube. Last year we couldn't even get her out of the boat. So BJ took it real slow for a long time.

Looking for big rocks.other wise known and Polly Pocket Resorts

Can you see the tiny little crab

Can you believe I had a hard time getting her to get in the water and start playing because of the mud?

Peyton is just about the best big sister there is. She is so good with Learson and quickly adopted Henry.
Great Weekend!!!! Thanks guys!!!!

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