Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ya Man-Jamaica

A few months ago BJ and Shad started talking about taking a trip. Thanks to our "travel agent" BJ we found the Breeze's Resort in Run Away Bay, Jamaica. BJ and Shad work together and Taleigha and I were pledge sisters. Great combo!!! We spent the night in Dallas so we could catch an early flight. After a terrifying cab ride to the airport we were on our way. The travel was uneventful and we were so excited to arrive at our resort.

We checked in...Changed clothes and started to RELAX!!!

That's a Bob Marley Shot....and the only one all weekend...those are dangerous.

That night we ate at the buffet. And I think that is the night we went to the piano sing along. BJ and I really liked that alot. Then we made a short stop into the Discotec. ALL I can say about that is WOW!!!! No bodies daddy should let them wear that stuff or dance that way. I guess we really are getting old!
The next day the guys played golf and Taleigha and I scoped out the pools. The boys walked to course and nearly killed their 2 caddies. They were back by 1:00 and we grabbed a quick jerk chicken lunch before we went on our glass bottom boat ride. We played at the pool for a while before we got ready for dinner at the Italian Restaurant. The food was not great but before and after dinner we played ping pong and pool. That was alot of fun and the music that night was great.

Shad wasn't the best at ping pong so Taleigha decided to teach BJ a thing or 2

Shad's game is defiantly pool. I have never seen him lose! He tries to teach me but I am unteachable!!!
The next morning we met for a yummy breakfast before we took our snorkeling trip. This hotel had so many amenities that were included: glass bottom boat, golf, snorkeling trips, scuba, wind surfing, arts and crafts, and hobbi cat.
The snorkeling trip was GREAT...I was a little scared to jump off the side of the boat. Infact the crew on the boat tried to push me in...ha ha ha. finally I made the plunge. It was so worth it. The coral was amazing. The boat driver brought us a female sea urchin to hold and I saw and eel.

After the snorkel trip, Taleigha and BJ were ready to try some wind surfing.
BJ got up no problem. He did say the board was really really slick but he did great. Check out the horse in the water behind him.

Look at Taleigha GO!! So Strong

She was up in no time. I am so impressed.

Taleigha watching her man with admiration.
As soon as we got back to the pool BJ was recruited for a beach volleyball game. The sand was scorching. BJ is such the athlete.

Shad and I are better cheerleaders!!

These boys know how to chill! After I coated them in 50spf

Now for the fun pics...LOL!!!!

Notice that Shad disappeared. Taleigha you are so getting a calendar for Christmas!

This is as crazy as we get.
That afternoon there were goat races at the beach. TO FUNNY!!! Those goats were well trained.

The grounds were amazing!!! So well kept and the trees had signs that told us what kind of trees we were seeing.
This is a one of the BIGGEST Trees I have ever seen. It is a fig tree
This is where the weddings are held. That night we ate at the Mongolian grill. Pretty yummy. Such a goof ball.
The next day the boys played golf again and Taleigha and I went to the pool until it was time for our art lesson. Clide taught us how to paint an ocean scene on a shell. I am so proud of mine. Clide was too funny and a great teacher. The boys were back even earlier this time. We grabbed another quick jerk chicken lunch and we were off to the Dunn River Falls. See pics below. One day I will get these loaded in the correct order?
After Dunn River Falls we came back to the hotel and snorkeled off the beach. Taleigha and I had fed the fish that morning after the boys had left and knew they would love it. There were tons of fish and more sea urchin. Shad is so good at spotting the coolest stuff. He found us a sting ray, a rock fish (like the one from the blue lagoon) and a small puffer fish. We even showed the other guests out there how to hold a sea urchin like our boat driver had showed us.
Next was more dinner reservations. Shad and I got ready quick so we could sneak in a sunset picture. We spent our last evening at the Japanese Restaurant. Much like Samaria. Our cook was GREAT!!! So funny

Shad tried to crack and egg with the spatula. He did really good. Then we each tried to catch rice in our mouths. BJ did good. I think most of mine went down my top.

Henry packed his blue car in Shad's backpack. We found it when we were unpacking. We decided Lighting need to enjoy the trip as well.

Taleigha and BJ before we left.
Now for the Dunn River Falls. This was so amazing. As were making our way to the beginning we were asked repeatedly if we wanted a guide. Of course we said nononono...but then when we started our climb a young man offered to take our pictures all the way up for $20. We decided that was a great idea and even if we didn't get any pics out of the deal at least he could show us the easiest way up. So glad we held out?
The water was SO COLD!!!

So romantic!


Beautiful. Did I mention the HUGE and yellow. He said they weren't poisonous but who cares. They were CRAZY HUGE.

Shad and I climbed Dunn River Falls 10 years ago on our anniversary. We didn't make it all the way and it was super hard on us. We were so out of shape. This time it was a snap not even a workout. I was so proud of us.

This picture sums up the entire trip.
And this one too!!! Goof BALLS.

Thanks BJ and Taleigha. We had a blast with you guys.

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