Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ring Ring
"hello, StorkLand this is Anne"
Shad-" what time are you coming home?"
Anne-" in about 15min"
Shad-" well I need you to come NOW!"
Anne-" ok, what's wrong?"
Shad-" nothing just come home now!"

I run out of the store. Sped all the way home. Now if you know me I tend to over react a bit. So in my mind-the dog was dead, Emma had cut her arm off, and the house was flooded!!! I throw open the garage door and there sits Henry eyes filled with tears and shad with a very worried look!!

About 15 min earlier shad and Henry were packing the car and Henry wasn't minding so shad swatted him. Henry started crying and followed shad back to get more stuff out of our room. Once back at the car shad noticed that Henry was no longer following him. Shad went back to the bedroom, the bathroom door was closed and it was very quiet. (never a good sign). He opens the door and there stands Henry-"I dink it" holding a empty bottle of children benadryl.

I had given shad a dose the other night and hadn't put it away. How the heck did he get that cap off. I have all the medicine out of reach!

Shad took me to where Henry had poured most of the bottle out. I grabbed an eye dropped and started to suck the mess up back into the bottle so I could figure out how much was missing. I mean the bottle was almost full and now it was completly empty. Shad called poison control and they said as long as he didn't drink over half the bottle we were fine and that most likely he would be very sleepy or completely wired!!! Oh and no alergy medicine for 24 hours.

Shad was really smart not to clean up the mess before we figured out how much was gone!

I am so disappointed in myself. I know better than to leave medicine out.

The entire time I was cleaning up Henry kept asking for more and saying yummy. You know my girls never came close to doing anything like this. We are in for whole new journey!!!!

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The Milfords said...

Been there! It was B who drank half the bottle at mom and dad's house (and she was around 2). I have no idea how she got the cap off. Unfortunately, it did not have the "sleep effect" on B. She was "finals tired", as well called it. You know, so tired you can't sleep. She tossed and turned and mumbled and didn't sleep a wink the entire night. Oh the drama!